Guided canoe tours in Canada

Our guided canoe trips in Alberta and the Yukon are fully outfitted with transport from major cities to the rivers for the canoe tours.

canoeing, canoe, tours, trips, canadaNatives taught the early traders and trappers the use of the canoe. For the fur trade rivers and lakes were the only east-west roads through the northern forests. During our canoe trips you follow their routes while we worry about the logistics. We supply all necessary equipment and meals, our leaders are expert guides who know the rivers, their history and their importance in earlier and modern times and the wildlife you might see. We pitch our tents on islands in the river or wherever we find a good spot along the shores.

Camping in the wilderness does not have to be uncomfortable, your guide knows how to set up camp without inviting curious animals. It is an exhilarating feeling when you realize that you and your few friends are probably the only humans for miles around.

The canoes can safely transport 900 ponds, that means two persons with their equipment like tents and personal gear plus part of the group  equipment. Several hours of canoe training and practise are part of the program.

Tours with some canoeing and wilderness canoe trips: