Untamed Rockies - Wilderness Backpacking

Guided wilderness backpacking and trekking trip into the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Learn basics of navigation and skills for living in the wild where other people can be days away.

Tour W, 10 days
Stunning views, wide open spaces, majestic mountains and pristine lakes, where you can try to catch your own meal for the day, swim in or just gaze at while you disappear into your own thoughts. Relax by the campfire, sleep under billions of stars. Imagine roaming through the endless Canadian Rocky Mountain wilderness for days without seeing other humans, with everything you need in your backpack.


Rockies Untamed - Wilderness Backpacking, W Departs From


up to 5 persons
in 10 Days
Guided backpacking trip into the seldom visited Willmore Wilderness of the Canadian Rockies.
Book or Enquire $1275
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  Schedule 2017:
From Edmonton
27.08 - 05.09
  Price: CDN$ 1275.00/pers
includes taxes
with 2 persons in hotels and tent
$1515.00 single hotels and tent.

You must be very fit, and capable of walking with a heavy backpack through rough terrain for the full length of the trip. Previous hiking, backpacking and camping experience is therefore required.

Group size: 5 persons

What's included:
airport transfers, 2 nights hotel (twin), transfers to and from Edmonton, all meals from lunch day 2 to lunch day 9, 2-person tents, camping equipment (except sleeping bags), admission to the park, camping - and permit fees, certified wilderness guide.

Not included:
please see equipment list.

Tour Details

Arrival at Edmonton Airport and transfer to your hotel. Here you meet up with your guide and the other participants for the pre-trip meeting.

Day 2: Grande Cache
Driving through the prairies you head for the mountains. Past the town of Hinton you take the Scenic Highway to Alaska which takes you to our campground near the gate of Willmore Wilderness Park. Here you pitch your tent, check your gear and do all other preparations for your wilderness backpacking trip. Dinner is Canadian style over a campfire.

Day 3 - 8: Willmore Wilderness Park, hiking / trekking
You start off easy on the first day of hiking, using a well travelled trail with not much elevation gain, which leads to your first backcountry campsite. This gives you the chance to get used to your backpack, the terrain and everything else. The average daily trekking time is 5 to 6 hours, the distance is about 12 km (7 mi), depending on the route and terrain.
Willmore Wilderness, trekking, backpacking, canadaAlmost every day you gain and lose altitude, ranging from 200 m (656 ft) on an easier day to up to a 1000 m (3280 ft). The trails are from well maintained to poorly maintained, meaning from wide and open to sometimes narrow and overgrown with branches and brush. The off trail part can lead through open terrain, dense willow brush, thick overgrown forest and alpine terrain. There are several creeks and rivers to cross, from ankle deep to above knee deep water. All your equipment is carried in your backpack, all together 20 - 25 kg (44 – 55 lb). A fair amount of this weight is from the food for the total duration of the trip, plus food for 1 day reserve. The diet is well balanced and contains enough calories and essential ingredients for the hard work your body performs. And the good thing: every day your pack gets lighter! Cooking is mostly on a stove, but on some places on the open campfire. The water for drinking and cooking comes come from creeks and rivers, and is purified before consumption.
You sleep either by yourself in a 1 person tent or share a 2-person tent with somebody else. If weather allows (and your sleeping bag too), sleeping under the stars is always an option.

backpacking, rocky mountains, canadaEven though it is summer, with generally warm days (20 - 30 C, 68 – 86 F), the weather in the mountains can change rapidly. It might rain and even snow. Temperatures might drop below freezing during the night, especially at higher elevations. Thus, harsh weather can sometimes be expected.
Among the wildlife you hopefully see along the way, the summer brings out another guest, the mosquitoes. Just to let you know.

Fishing is possible along the way. A fresh catch can make a very nice supplement to your meal! Be advised that a fishing license is mandatory (about $50.- for 5 days for Non-Canadians). If interested, please ask for details.

Last but not least: safety! Traveling through the wilderness means putting yourself in an environment where help can be days away. Therefore, safety is always priority number 1. Before your trip starts you receive instructions in the principals and skills needed for your group to safely enjoy the wilderness trip, including wildlife encounters and emergency situations.

Day 9: Edmonton
A 4.5 hour drive back to Edmonton, arrival around 6:30 pm. Your tour ends when you reach the hotel for the last night.

Day 10: Transfer to the Edmonton Airport.

Please note that due to the expedition nature of this trip, changes in the itinerary could be necessary, and are left up to the discretion of the guide.